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Our Range

Our Range

The PHYTO5 Phyto-Energetic™ line is formulated with blends of natural essential oils to make the products energy balancing. It includes five sub-lines for each of the 5 aspects (or elements) of vital energy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, all skin conditions are attributable to an energetic imbalance of one or more of the Five Elements that constitute vital energy. Consequently, PHYTO5 includes five elemental lines, each named for one of the 5 elements and formulated to re-balance the energies of that element.  For example, the Metal line is the answer to the skin conditions attributed to an imbalance of Metal energy.

The PHYTO5 Phyto-Ceutical line includes proven favourites with functions that complement the rest of the PHYTO5 lines.  They are simple to use and sure to satisfy.

The PHYTO5 Phyto-Bio-Ceutical  range, certified organic products (called “BIO” in Europe) display the logo of their certification agency.  PHYTO5® products are certified by Ecocert® and Cosmebio®.

Ageless La Cure, the luxurious anti-ageing solution from PHYTO5, is effective, yet natural and holistic, in contrast to more common invasive solutions.

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