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The Phyto 5 Phyt'ether Serum Range

PHYTO5 where beauty is health made visible

New to the UK - a range of natural, organic, energetic skincare products from Switzerland

Used in specially created face, scalp, hair and body treatments to promote radiant health and wellbeing, and balance vital energy ... Holistic, harmonising therapies based on the 5 elements of traditional Chinese medicine - wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

A unique fusion of nature and science that that works with reflex zones, meridians, acupuncture points and chakras using massage, lymphatic drainage, and light therapy with state of the art equipment.

An exceptional business opportunity for therapists, salons and spas looking for an organic, wholly natural yet cutting edge skincare system - by professionals for professionals.

“Your body is a field of energy, information and intelligence capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation.” Deepak Chopra, in Grow Younger, Live Longer

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