Winter seasonal imageWinter can be particularly challenging and poses a number of problems for skin.

  • Central heating which is drying and constant changes in temperature from moving indoors and outdoors  
  • Drying winds which extract vital moisture and minerals and create broken veins
  • Lack of sunshine and fresh air

We also have the Christmas period when we overload our systems and this can show on our faces and skin.

The skin can feel taut and dry during the winter.  There is a difference between a dry skin which lacks oil and sebum and a dehydrated skin which lacks water.  An oily skin can be dehydrated.  Both skin types can be supported easily with the correct treatments.

Our top essential recommendations for winter skin

  • Toner for vital moisture between cleansing and moisturising
  • Serums for extra nourishment and protection
  • Masks for an intensive treatment

A good skincare routine is vital for optimum results in any season.

This isn’t just down to the correct choice of product for skin type but also the routine and how the products are applied.  Right through cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Cleansing the skin provides a good clean canvas which increases the efficacy of products applied.  The massage movements over the face also increase oxygen and circulation which is excellent for the skin.

Toning, often overlooked in a skin care programme, provides vital moisture after cleansing.  Often mistaken as a product to complete the cleansing process, toner is a valuable treatment in its own right.

Moisturiser is easier to apply following toner and seals the vital moisture in.  Applying a serum or moisturiser on top of the freshly toned and slightly damp skin also helps absorption.  The result is fresh, comfortable, hydrated and protected skin.

Serums are particularly valuable and offer an intensive boost to your skin care routine.  We liken them to a good vitamin and mineral supplement.  They often have treatment boosting properties targeting specific concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, or facial redness.

Top tips

  • Make sure you cover the complete face when applying products.  It’s easy to concentrate on the middle and forget the outer edges. Include the neck area too.
  • Masks are a fantastic way of giving your skin a special treat. 
  • Apply your mask when you are having a bath. The relaxation and heat will aid the properties of the mask.  Masks have amazing properties and can offer solutions for many different skin conditions - deep cleansing, soothing, treating, hydrating, nourishing, anti-ageing, firming, and radiance.
  • Natural organic products have an affinity with the skin and provide comfort.  Products which are loaded with toxins and chemicals can stress and irritate the skin  leading to extra work on our systems.
  • Drink plenty of good quality water to hydrate the skin and support all systems in the body and eat nourishing, seasonal foods.
  • Lips, hands and nails are also vulnerable and can easily lid to cracks and chapped skin.  It’s important to take care of these too.  A good hand and nail treatment cream applied regularly, in particular after hands have been in water.
  • Apply cream to hands and cutlcles when in the bath. 
  • Use lip balms with natural oils and waxes which will penetrate and treat the lips rather than petroleum based products which merely sit on the skin.

Top PHYTO5 product recommendations

Oligo 5 Mineral Mist for face, hair and body.  Drenches the skin in a wonderful mist which mineralises skin and hair.

Toners specifically produced for each element and prescribed for your skin type.  Velvety in texture a soothing and hydrating “drink” for your skin containing pure Swiss mountain water.

A vast array of masks for skin, eyes and hair.


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