Zen body imageExfoliation is a very important step during the cleansing of the skin. It is essential to healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin’s outermost surface. The goals of exfoliation are:

  • Elimination of dry and old dead skin cells.
  • Removal of excessive sebum, blackheads and impurities, leading to perfect cleansing.
  • It contributes to cell renewal and improves microcirculation.
  • It leaves the skin smooth, soft and radiant.
  • It prepares the skin for a better penetration of treatment products.

Why is exfoliation important?

The skin is constantly generating new skin cells at the lower layer (the dermis) and sending them to the surface (the epidermis). As the skin cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin. These keratinized skin cells are essential because they give our skin its protective quality. But they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells.

As we age the process of cell turnover slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those cells that are clinging on, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below. It accelerates the natural process of cells renewal and blood micro-circulation on the surface of the skin.    

However, it is possible to overexfoliate, especially with chemical peelings, or on delicate skin. Overexfoliating will dry and irritate the skin.

When the exfoliation is done it is very important to nourish and hydrate the skin to rebuild the protective mantel.

An accurate and soft exfoliation

The exfoliating agents used in our Zen Body Exfoliation were chosen because they have complementary properties for an accurate and soft exfoliation. Both are well known Asian plants that inspire elegance and serenity, in other word a zen attitude.

LotusLotus seeds are extracted from the fruit of lotus. This plant is a kind of water lily that grows in ponds in Asian tropical countries. Seeds, storing energy reserves, present ideal hardness for an accurate yet soft exfoliation. Asian people consider the lotus as a sacred plant, known in skincare for its astringent and toning actions.

Bamboo exfoliant is solidified organic silica extracted from the tabasheer, which is extracted from the nodes of specific bamboo stems. It remains hard, does not change colour and gives a very accurate exfoliation. Moreover, it removes corneus cells accumulating on the skin surface and it helps to refine skin texture and brighten skin tone.

Natural hydrating properties

Zen Body ExfoliationAs soon as the skin is exfoliated, it is very important to nourish it with well adapted natural oils.

Shea Butter: this butter from West Africa is very moisturising and has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It softens and smoothes the skin and hair. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and is recommended to prevent wrinkles and skin aging. It protects the skin from weather conditions.

Sunflower oil: rich in omega 6 and 9 and in vitamin E and F, the sunflower oil moisturises and softens the skin. It penetrates easily and leaves a non-greasy soft touch.

We chose a new generation of texture agent that gives texture to oils, butters and gels. This resulting oily-gel texture is very soft and most convenient for an exfoliation very rich in oils and butters. This gelling agent is a natural blend of jojoba, sunflower and mimosa waxes. Moreover this texture agent also provides real moisturising properties that are clinically proven. It has also been demonstrated that the skin micro-relief is improved by this ingredient and as a result, it decreases the trans-epidermal water loss.

This texture also contributes to create a sensation of very soft exfoliation. As the bamboo and lotus particles are mixed in jellified oils and butters, the sensation on the skin is really soft compared to a classical body scrub usually in a gel phase that doesn’t contain any vegetal oil or butter. This also gives the beautician the possibility to massage in the product more deeply resulting in a very efficient exfoliation. A good massage also helps the oils and butters to penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin purified as well as nourished and very soft.

Soothing and relaxing properties

This product is very rich in natural essential oils that contribute to a perfect cleansing of the skin, with additional anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

The natural blend of sweet orange and ylang-ylang essential oils also has relaxing and calming properties. Guaiac wood essential oil and vitamin E are added because they are very powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin against free radicals.