Fire bannerIt’s time to cool down overheated and sensitive skin and discover the PHYTO5 Fire range. The energetic season of Summer starts today, May 6th, and lasts until July 19th when we progress into another transitional Earth period.

Fire productsThe red PHYTO5 Fire product line is used for balanced skin during the energetic summer and at any time to treat skin conditions attributable to an imbalance of Fire energy: red, sensitive, blotchy, irritated, allergic skin, couperose, excessive perspiration, sensitive scalp, issues of red blood (arterial) circulation, and during menopause.

Lavender, ylang ylang and rosemary natural essential oils and corn seed oil are the key ingredients used to rebalance and strengthen, calm, cool and sooth. The Fire facial reflex zones are tip of nose, above upper lip, above eyebrows and centre of forehead, corresponding to the heart and small intestine.

Read what some PHYTO5 clients say about the difference our Fire range has made to their skin on our testimionials page.