Cleansing Milks

These products are particularly effective to remove make-up because they are a water-in-oil emulsion. The presence of the two phases can dissolve soluble dirt in oils or in water. The milk works as a powerful cleanser without making the skin excessively oily or altering its pH. PHYTO 5 ™ offers two cleansing milks:

PHYTO 5™ Mild Cleansing Milk:

A very mild cleanser for all skin types, particularly for sensitive skin. The milky consistency removes bacteria and impurities without drying the skin. It is also an excellent make-up remover. Apply a small amount to wet face, massage in, and remove with sponges or facial cloth.

The oil phase of this gentle cleansing milk is made with grape seed oil, which contains flavonoids, known to fight premature aging caused by free radicals (pollution, smoke, UV). It is also rich in omega 6 and 9; it is both softening and gently exfoliating. The milk also contains jojoba oil known for its moisturizing, soothing and regenerating effects. Tangerine essential oil contributes to anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

PHYTO 5™ Deep Cleansing Milk:

A gentle, yet deep cleansing milk and make-up remover, for normal, congested, oily and combination skin.

The oil phase of Deep Cleansing Milk is made with corn oil, rich in vitamins A, D, E and K. It nourishes, protects and mineralizes skin cells. This milk also contains antioxidant vitamin E and jojoba oil. The blend of essential oils (lemon, lavender, thyme, marjoram, cypress and ylang-ylang) provide intense cleansing power, as well as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and soothing properties.

The aqueous phase contains linden extract, known for its antiseptic moisturizing and astringent attributes.