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Recent comments from our clients

"I love using the Fire element range. It's the best way to start and end my day. I never leave the house without make-up. After the first PHYTO5 bio drainage facial I felt so good about myself and looked so radiant that I stepped out with no make-up on at all. It was a truly liberating feeling! I recommend it to everyone who cares about holistic products and want to feel the results inside and out."

"When, after just one machine treatment I returned home, my partner (who usually notices nothing) remarked that he could see a visible difference in the way I looked - he actually said I looked younger.  I know this may sound corny but he really said that! Fine lines have faded giving me a more youthful look ... I now want a whole course."

"I’ve now experienced the new PHYTO5 element facial treatment several times. Not only did I enjoy the relaxing facial which is individually tailored and holistic in approach, but the products themselves are just gorgeous. I also sampled the lymphatic and energetic therapy suction procedure which smoothed wrinkles and had a lifting effect on my face. I was shown the results half way through and was thrilled and amazed at the instant results. This is a fantastic beneficial treatment, without pain and not one needle in sight. The whole experience was nurturing and absolutely sublime. Since using the PHYTO5 skin care products I have noticed the changes that are taking place. The red and sensitive area around my nose and cheeks has begun to calm down and appear less red. The overall appearance of my skin is softer, plumper and has a more even tone. I am pleased that my skin has undergone a diagnostic procedure and that the recommended range is clearly supporting my specific skin type. I will recommend this facial to my friends as it is my ‘must have’ treatment and I’ll definitely be re-booking and continuing to use these products from now on."

"I’ve always had regular facials and followed a good skincare routine using professional skincare products. However my skin was still prone to fare-ups, redness and general sensitivity. My therapist introduced me to the PHYTO5 Fire range which I now use exclusively. I also have a regular monthly facial which is so much more deeply relaxing and therapeutic than any facial I had previously experienced. Her aim was to strengthen and harmonise my skin. It now looks and feels good all the time with very little effort on my part and friends often comment on how clear and healthy my skin looks!"

"I have had trouble with my skin all my life - too oily in some place, to dry in others, prone to large pores, and persistent break outs.  Not being a very girly girl I had never invested in professional skincare having perceived zero results from the various claims made by high street brands from the age of 14 onwards.  The PHYTO5 facial I had was the first of my life and the most relaxing experience ever!  I tried the Wood range initially and saw rapid changes in my skin for the positive. However when I revisited my therapist we switched to the Earth range which suited my skin even more.  I particularly recommend the eye cream and the pH balancing cream.  Friends and family commented on the positive change in my skin and the confidence I felt as a result of the improvement was invaluable."


Recent testimonials from our trade clients:

"I have chosen the PHYTO5 skin care line in my home salon because of the high quality products, high standard of training, fast delivery and ongoing support . I wanted to invest in a product that my clients would love, trust and with which they would see immediate results. As a trained phytiobiodermie professional, I am now able to evaluate clients’ skin conditions and prescribe the best treatments to suit them. They are interested in the 5 elements concept and it’s easy me to explain how the products work as there are so many testers available and beautiful informative brochures. This has ensured I get more bookings for treatments and return sales. Through word of mouth my business is now growing at a faster rate than I ever expected. This is a fantastic product for any therapist looking to progress and learn more professional techniques."

Karen Rigg,


"As a therapist who receives acupuncture on a regular basis and feels the benefit of each energetic treatment, I am thrilled to have discovered PHYTO5 energetic skincare and to be part of the PHYTO5 team. I share the passion and enthusiasm for PHYTO5 and wish to see it grow as it deserves recognition. Having met everyone behind all the hard work, I feel we share a collective vision. I am so excited about this skincare, backed by the state of the art in bio resonance machines, as I believe this is very much where we are heading in the future. Everyone who wants to feel and look beautiful from the inside out will enjoy using the PHYTO5 product range and treatments for face and body."

Camilla Bennett


"Carmela is a fabulous trainer who makes you feel comfortable and welcome, she has extensive knowledge and passion of the PHYTO5 range. The training introduced you to the products themselves and the theory of their development and use, there was plenty of opportunity to use them in practice and ask lots of questions along the way to develop my own practice. The hand outs are very comprehensive and I feel comfortable talking to clients about the products. I left feeling euphoric about my choice to use the PHYTO5 products and confident to be able to use them in my salon. I look forward to further training."

Sally Lorimer


"I have finally, after 2 years of research, found a product that will take my beauty therapy business into a new era.  The results speak for themselves.  I'm looking forward to the free product training package.  The machines are also outstanding - I know I will be purchasing one.  I cannot wait to start."